First record of <em>Ozognathus cornutus</em> (Le Conte, 1859) (Coleoptera: Ptinidae) in Chile

  • Richard Honour S. Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Área de Entomología, Santiago, Chile.
  • Sergio Rothmann T. Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero, Sub-departamento Laboratorios y Estación Cuarentenaria Agrícola, Chile.


The first record of the Ptinidae Ozognathus cornutus is indicated to Chile, based on six specimens found in Santiago city. The new record of this species, native to North America, must be added to interceptions recorded from the last decade of the XXth century in North Africa, Europe and New Zealand. The conditions of average temperatures and annual precipitations for the establishment of the species are analyzed.


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